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Novigenix, an innovative company

Innovation in liquid biopsy to eradicate cancer

Novigenix is an innovative Swiss molecular diagnostics company specializing in liquid biopsy for early detection of cancer. The society develops new generation blood tests.

Novigenix’s technology is based on a new generation of gene expression profiles of circulating blood cells and tumor-derived protein markers in combination with state-of-the-art mathematical analytical models.

Our predictive molecular signatures provide new and accurate solutions for the early detection of cancer.


Colox®, our lead product is a proven molecular blood test designed to significantly reduce mortality from colorectal cancer through early detection and follow-up colonoscopy.

Commitment and strategy

“ Our vision is to support physicians and the healthcare community in significantly
reducing cancer mortality through the early diagnosis ”  B. Hashemi – Chairman

Our commitment

As a biotech start-up, it is in our nature to be agents of change and we therefore see it as our mission to rewrite the rules of the game. Colorectal cancer kills 1,600 people in Switzerland every year. Early detection increases the chance of survival to 90%, but only 30% of the Swiss population gets screened. This is crazy.

Since early detection is the solution to saving lives, we are committed to encouraging everyone by whatever mean to:

  • get themselves screened regularly if they are over 50
  • get their loved ones to get screened.

Colonoscopy, stool analysis or blood test: it doesn’t matter which method you choose, what matters is to get screened.

Our strategy

For our part, we have developed Colox, a new-generation blood test that makes colorectal cancer screening simple and clean for all (but it is not yet reimbursable by your insurance).

The challenge that motivates us is to create a momentum towards eradicating avoidable deaths. Parents, friends, colleagues, neighbours… everybody needs to know! And everybody needs to get screened!

Together, let’s win the Colorectal Challenge!


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Our team

Dr. Jan Groen
Dr. Jan GroenChief Executive Officer
Dr. Jan Groen is leading the company towards expansion of its product offering. Jan brings many years of experience in the life science industry with a focus on emerging technologies, product development and commercialization. He was previously the President and CEO of MDxHealth.
Dr. Nicolas Demierre
Dr. Nicolas DemierreChief Operating Officer
Dr. Nicolas Demierre is the Chief Operating Officer focusing on operations, business development, and engagement of strategic partners. Nicolas holds a PhD in Applied Sciences and an Executive MBA degree from HEC Lausanne.
Dr. Sahar Hosseinian
Dr. Sahar HosseinianBiostatistician & Clinical Program Manager / Founder
Dr. Sahar Hosseinian is a co-founder, Biostatistician, and Clinical Program Manager focusing on the data analytics platform and clinical programs. Sahar holds a PhD in statistics and led the development of the Colox® Algorithm.
Christian Jauch
Christian JauchChief Financial Officer
Mr. Christian Jauch is the Chief Financial Officer focusing on administration of finance, accounting, and budget development and reporting. Christian holds an advanced master’s degree in banking and finance and is a partner with Salus Partners SA.
Dr. Sylvain Monnier-Benoit
Dr. Sylvain Monnier-BenoitProduct Development Program Manager
Dr. Sylvain Monnier-Benoit is a co-founder and Product Development Program Manager focusing on product development, technology transfer, and quality control. Sylvain holds a PhD in Life Sciences and he completed his undergraduate studies in biochemistry and molecular biology.
Dr. Laura Ciarloni
Dr. Laura CiarloniClinical Development Manager
Dr. Laura Ciarloni is a co-founder and Clinical Development Manager focusing on clinical communications, publications, IP protection, and clinical trials. Laura holds a PhD in Life Sciences with a deep expertise in molecular biology.

Our board