Let’s eradicate colorectal cancer


Get screened and get your loved ones screened

Colorectal cancer kills 5 people in Switzerland every day.

This cancer can be prevented and cured in nearly all cases with early detection and regular screening from the age of 50.

At the moment, only 30% of men and women over the age of 50 are screened.

This rate is much lower than in neighbouring countries.

By tirelessly encouraging everyone to get screened and to get their loved ones screened, we believe it is possible to prevent these deaths from colorectal cancer.

By adopting and encouraging others to adopt a more positive attitude towards screening, we could make Switzerland the first country to eradicate deaths from colorectal cancer.

Let’s move more! Let’s eat healthily! And let’s get screened!

Together, let’s win the Colorectal Challenge.

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The best screening method is the one that gets done


The standard full examination using a probe

Carried out by a gastroenterologist in hospital or at a doctor’s surgery
Special preparation of the colon

Every 10 years

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Stool analysis

Kit available from your doctor or pharmacist
Sample taken at home
Sample sent through the post

Every 2 years

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Blood test

Easy and accessible : Blood is taken at your doctor’s office or at a laboratory
Not reimbursable under basic insurance

Every 2 years

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