The new generation of simple and effective blood test

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An innovative molecular test

Colox® is a new generation blood-based test for early detection of
colorectal cancer. It accurately and reliably detects both adenomatous
polyps and early stages of colorectal cancer. 
It offers a convenient
solution for patients to be tested with no need for bowel or stool
It can be ordered by the physician as part of a routine
medical check-up.

Based on the principle of host-tumor interaction

Colox® is a molecular test that measures the immune system response to colorectal lesions. The test is based on the analysis of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) isolated from a routine blood sample.

PBMCs are responsive to growing adenomatous polyps and colorectal carcinomas as part of the “host-response”. Colox® measures the combined response of gene expression profile of 29 biomarkers by real-time PCR in PBMCs and the concentration of 2 protein tumor markers in plasma. RNA markers, chanfed during the initial stages of the development of a lesion, allow for its early detection. The protein tumor markers ensure specificity. 

The biomarker measurement data are interpreted by Novigenix’s proprietary algorithm which generates the Colox® test result. This algorithm is based on classifier combinations derived from state-of-the art mathematical analytical methods that underpin the reliability of the test.

Clinical validation and scientific data

A clinically validated test

Colox is clinically validated and currently available through clinical laboratories in Switzerland. Colox® has been validated through a multi-center clinical study in Switzerland including 782 people. Colox® is available as a laboratory-developed test and is highly adaptable to standard medical laboratory workflows. Colox® is also available as a CE-IVD kit.

Clinical validation study

The performance of Colox has been validated in a multicenter clinical study in Switzerland comprising 782 people :
Colox detected 78% of patients with colon cancer with a specificity of 92.2%.
Colox detected 52% of patients with adenomatous polyps with a specificity of 92.2%.
Less than 1 out of 10 people were tested positive when they did not have colon cancer or adenomatous polyps.

Product Sample Sensitivity Specificity
Adenomatous polyps > 1cm
Colox® Blood 52.3% 92.2%
FIT (OC-sensor, 100ng/ml) Stool 23,7 – 27,9% 94,4 – 97,0%
gFOBT (Hemoccult II) Stool 6,8% 95,2%
Colorectal cancer (all stages)
Colox® Blood 78,1% 92,2%
FIT (OC-sensor, 100ng/ml) Stool 69,2 – 75,0% 93,4 – 95,0%
gFOBT (Hemoccult II) Stool 33% 95,2%

Observational study

In 2016, Novigenix launched PROSPEROS : a PROSPEctive and Retrospective Observational Study describing the post-market use and results of the colorectal cancer screening test Colox® in Swiss routine medical practice. It was conducted with 30 doctors and 432 patients. This study highlighted an increase in the detection of cancers and adenomas.

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Indication and Interpretation


Colox®  is intended for women and men with an average risk of colorectal cancer: aged 50 and over, no symptom of colorectal cancer, no history of cancer or hereditary syndromes or chronic inflammatory bowel disease.

Colox® does not require any special preparation.  The test can be done at the same time as other blood tests during an annual medical check-up.