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Geneva pharmacies engage in the fight against colorectal cancer

Geneva pharmacies engage in the fight against colorectal cancer


The campaign “Mars Bleu” (Blue March) is an opportunity to develop a new network and to make screening even more accessible. In March, 20 Geneva’s drug stores partner with Novigenix for the fight against colorectal cancer by promoting different non-invasive screening solutions including the molecular blood test Colox and  fecal occult blood test test.


You want to know more about colorectal cancer screening? Talk to your pharmacist in one of the pharmacies below in Geneva’s area.

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Novigenix is an innovative Swiss molecular diagnostics company specializing in new generation blood tests for early detection of cancer. Colox®, our lead product is a proven molecular blood test designed to significantly reduce mortality from colorectal cancer through early detection and follow-up colonoscopy. Novigenix’s technology is based on a new generation of predictive gene expression profiles of circulating blood cells and concentration profile of tumor-derived protein markers in combination with state-of-the-art mathematical analytical models. Our predictive molecular signatures of biomarkers provide new and accurate solutions for the early detection of cancer.
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